Peer-reviewed articles

Krisztián Pósch, Mike Hough (in preparation). What drives ‘subjective punitivity’, culture, or individual factors? – Findings from the European Social Survey.  Available:

Krisztián Pósch, Jonathan Jackson,  Ben Bradford, Sarah MacQueen (under review). “Truly Free Consent”? Clarifying the Nature of Police Legitimacy Using Causal Mediation Analysis. Criminology.

Krisztián Pósch (under review). “It’s nice to be empowered” – An experimental assessment of psychological drivers of police legitimacy. Journal of Experimental Criminology. Available:

Krisztián Pósch (under review). Compliance with the law for traditional and “grey” crimes – A seven country comparison. European Journal of Criminology. Available:

Krisztián Pósch (2019). Testing Complex Social Theories with Causal Mediation Analysis and G-computation – The Right Way to Do Causal Structural Equation Modelling. Sociological Methods & Research Available: and

Krisztián Pósch (2018). Prying Open the Black Box of Causality – A Causal Mediation Analysis Test of Procedural Justice Policing. Law Society and Economy Working Paper, awaiting final decision at the Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Available: and

Book reviews

Krisztián Pósch, Jonathan Jackson, Ben Bradford (2019). How People Judge Policing?. Policing in Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy. Available: and