Christmas reading list

As a Christmas tradition, I usually put together a short list of articles that are not directly relevant to my research but I still find intriguing. (Last year I did not do this because I was focussing on finishing my PhD instead.) Because a couple of people have asked me for this list, I decided to post them here (in alphabetic order).

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Police diversity and #biasinbritain 2.

As a followup to last week’s post, I will discuss how the emerging results of police diversity in the UK compare to trends in the US and why it is important to increase ethnic diversity in the police force.

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Police diversity and #biasinbritain 1.

Thanks to the referral of Ben Bradford, I had the privilege to work with Vikram Dodd from The Guardian who asked me to have a look at some data on police diversity in Britain. Vikram’s excellent piece can be read here, and he mentioned me by name in the article. In this post, I will discuss the analysis I did and how it informed the Bias in Britain project.

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A 32-year old White Alabamian man* and the luxury of quantitative criminology

I have been conducting online experiments with MTurk and other similar online platforms for almost four years now. I usually leave a little feedback box at the end of each experiment, where participants can share their thoughts, make some comments, and potential complaints about the study. I have found this a very useful tool, especially during the piloting of the experiments, where many attentive respondents have pointed out several typos and other mistakes over the years. Continue reading “A 32-year old White Alabamian man* and the luxury of quantitative criminology”