‘Police in Schools’ preliminary findings

As I mentioned in an earlier post back in September, I am the lead researcher on the ‘Police in Schools’ project (also see my post from a couple of weeks back on the police training that I attended). The data collection is still ongoing, but I produced a short report summarising the preliminary findings of the research (using non-technical language) for the funders of the project.

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‘Police in the classroom’ training at Kent Police

I spent Thursday and Friday at Kent Police as an observer of the ‘Police in the classroom’ training. This training is primarily for PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) or other police personnel who engage with schools (in some regions they could be school police officers). These trainings are funded by the PSHE Association and the NPCC, I have discussed the surrounding research project in more detail in another post. I have also added a couple of pictures about Kent Police to the post below.

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Should there be police presence in schools?

The manifesto of the UK’s children’s commissioner has just been published, which called for police units to be added to schools. In the criminology community, several people called this out arguing that continued police presence in schools could foster the criminalisation of youthful escapades and mischief.

While I agree that teachers should not rely on Bobbies to enforce school regulation , a limited police presence could be beneficial to increase trust and boost cooperation. Or could it? In a recently started research project funded by the Physical Social Health and Economics (PSHE) Association and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), this is what we try to figure out.

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