OSF account

This is another post with a news item: I have recently registered to the Open Science Foundation’s website where I have already uploaded two papers of mine (more to come in due time). My supervisor, Jon Jackson has encouraged me to do this, which I am really grateful for. It is great to have your articles accessible somewhere whilst you are waiting for the painstakingly slow review process to hopefully bear some fruit…

You can find my public profile here.

Quantitative Methods Reading Group

This is just a quick announcement: with other quant people at Department of Methodology at LSE, we have just started the Quantitative Methods Reading Group. This will be a fortnightly group for PhD students where we can discuss papers on/using advanced quantitative methods from different disciplines in the social sciences. Further details and up-to-date information on the upcoming meetings can be found on the Reading Group’s website.

Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch, I am happy to add you to the Reading Group’s newsletter.