How People Judge Policing – Book review

We had the privilege to write a book review with Jon Jackson and Ben Bradford on Tank Waddington’s final book, co-authored with Kate Williams, Martin Wright, and Tim Newburn. There is no point for me to reiterate all the praise that we have given to this methodologically innovative and theoretically rich book (you can find our review here or on my open science account here). Let me say just this: if you are a policing scholar or practitioners interested in procedural justice or citizen perception of the police in general, you should get this book.

PhD literature review and books

I have recently finalised the literature review of my thesis and browsing through the references made me realise which are the books that I found most influential when it comes to procedural justice policing. Here is a selection of six books which could serve as a springboard for anyone who is getting newly acquainted with/wants to get deeper into the literature.

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Go Home? – Some thoughts

Teaching the ‘Survey Research Methods: From Design to Analysis’ course at LSE’s Summer School – and my bike being stolen – meant that I’ve been commuting a lot by bus, and had plenty of time to read. In the last couple of days I have been reading “Go Home?”, this short and captivating book. Continue reading “Go Home? – Some thoughts”