I’m Krisztián (Chris) Pósch, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Methodology at the London School of Economics. I am currently working on the ESRC project “From coercion to consent: social identity, legitimacy, and a process model of police procedural justice” (CONSIL) .

My research concerns the public perception of the police, especially procedural justice policing, police legitimacy, and their impact on societally desirable outcomes (such as cooperation with the police, legal compliance, etc.). I use advanced quantitative methods to address questions regarding policing, especially causal inference techniques, such as matching and causal mediation analysis. In addition, I have a good familiarity with experimental methods, survey research methods, multivariate analysis and measurement, multilevel and longitudinal analysis.

E-mail: k.p.posch@lse.ac.uk
OSF account: https://osf.io/3s8qb/