Christmas reading list 2019

Last year I posted my Christmas reading list and I thought it could be a nice tradition to do the same this year. I had a way more ambitious list back then, partly because I could take a longer holiday and also, there were not as many projects/grant applications that I had to work on. This year I have more modest goals, one series of papers and a book.

The series of papers was published in Observational Studies (a quirky journal with very high-quality papers in it) and is titled ‘Assessing Treatment Effect Variation in Observational Studies: Results from a Data Challenge’. Treatment effect heterogeneity is often overlooked but could be crucial for tailored policy prescriptions. I am really interested to see how the various researchers handled this issue and which one could be considered a ‘gold standard’.

The book is Judea Pearl’s The Book of Why. It is no secret that I am a big fan of Pearl’s work and love reading his (mostly theoretical) papers. I am really curious whether this book could be a good companion for undergrads who are being introduced to causal inference.

I wish you all similarly fascinating readings and happy holidays! 🙂

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