‘Police in the classroom’ training at Kent Police

I spent Thursday and Friday at Kent Police as an observer of the ‘Police in the classroom’ training. This training is primarily for PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) or other police personnel who engage with schools (in some regions they could be school police officers). These trainings are funded by the PSHE Association and the NPCC, I have discussed the surrounding research project in more detail in another post. I have also added a couple of pictures about Kent Police to the post below.

I cannot discuss many details of the training as the officers requested to follow ‘Chatham House rules’. What I can say is that training was run by Lisa Thompson (PSHE) and Keith Beckely (NPCC) and both of them did a marvellous job engaging the officers.

The brief frontal sections of the training were straddled with several activities where the participants needed to work together and come up with answers. The topics covered a gentle introduction to PSHE education, discussing the principles of procedural justice policing with role-playing (stop and search), gaining a better understanding of teaching and learning, and so on. On the second day the officers had a chance to try themselves out as a teacher and to get and provide feedback from and to each other.

It was an amazing experience to see how a brief two-day workshop could change the perspective of many of the officers and equip them with useful teaching skills. If you want to read more about the training, PSHE has an excellent webpage on the ‘Police in the Classroom’ project with a pdf handbook.

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