CONSIL workshop and ‘Experiments in VR’ presentation

Our ESRC project – From coercion to consent: social identity, legitimacy, and a process model of police procedural justice (CONSIL) – had its first workshop this Thursday, on 28th February. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss our research with team members from other universities and to get feedback from officers of various police forces. Jonathan Jackson and I also gave a presentation on the experimental branch of the project and virtual reality (VR) experimentation in particular.

Clifford Stott, the hard-working PI of our project took a couple of pictures on this occasion:

Our presentation with Jon Jackson discussed the meaning and history of VR, applying VR experiments in the social sciences, and how we are planning to use these experiments to test procedural justice theory. This was an amazing opportunity where we received detailed and thoughtful feedback from members of the various police forces. They asked both theoretical and methodological questions and were excited by the prospect of eventually using VR experiments for officer training. Below you can find our presentation and three videos that we showed off about the current police uses of VR.

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