EUROCRIM 2018 presentations

I am still very new to blogging – a couple of people have recently suggested that I should publish my conference presentations on my website, which is so obvious but has never occurred to me earlier. I had the privilege to give two presentations last weekend at EUROCRIM in Sarajevo.

The first presentation was based on a paper I have recently submitted to the European Journal of Criminology, and compared legal compliance to traditional and grey crimes using the FIDUCIA dataset:

Compliance With the Law for Traditional and Grey Crimes

The second presentation focussed on one half of  a paper we are working on with several other people. We study police legitimacy in Brazil – a high fear low trust environment – and show that even in such places normative legitimacy can be measured if proper methodological care is taken:

Fear and Legitimacy in Sao Paulo

I am planning to revisit both of these topics on a later date, for now, please find attached the two ppts above.

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